Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Design of the Day - "Heart of a Woman"

Today's design some would say is inspired by the fight againist heart disease in women.  While I believe that is a worthy cause for inspiration, that isn't from where I obtained mine for this simple set.  Lately, I have been hearing so many stories about women and the drama of life.  However, those women are still standing and standing strong!  Therefore, this set has been named in honor of those women who have dealt wth situations from which they thought there was no way out and for the women who are making great things happen for themselves and their families.  Besides, there's nothing better than a spunky red dress!  The set goes for $28.

Necklace $18
Earrings $12


awwwww!!!!! what a beautiful story to the name of this set... perfect!

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