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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Items!!

 Hey everybody! What a wonderful time I am having these days trying to be creative :) I hope you all like these pieces as much as I liked making them. There is so much more to come so stay tuned!

Hope and Prosperity  $20 (SOLD)

"Floating" rhinestone teardrops $12

Gold and silver hoops $12

Baby blue wire ribbon necklace with crystal pendant $15

Leopard print earrings $10

Current Project.  I can't wait to get this completed!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jewelry Frenzy!!

After all the jewelry I made over this past weekend, I have been on a roll!!  I made these last night.  Let me know what you think.  Oh, and these are for sale as well :)

Silver charm bracelet ($10)

Silver charm necklace ($15) and earrings ($7) SOLD

Purple multistrand bracelet ($15) and earrings ($7)

Jeweled clamp bracelet ($12)



Monday, October 18, 2010

More New Pieces

$13 set (separate:  bracelet $10, earrings $7)
What a busy weekend but I have lots to show for it :) Check out my latest pieces below and let me know what you think. Oh, and keep in mind these are FOR SALE :) Some of these are one of a kind pieces so once they are gone, THEY'RE GONE!!! I would also like to add if there is anything you would like to see in a different color, please let me know.  There is a $2 additional charge for this.  Special orders are an additional $5.  FREE SHIPPING!!!  Please leave your comments as they are always welcome!!  Thank you for your support and I hope you like what you see :)


$20 set (separately $15 necklace, $7 earrings)
BEST SELLER (customization available for additional $5)

(Sorry, already claimed)

$15 set (separate: bracelet $10, earrings $7)

$25set  (separate: bracelet $10, earrings $7 SOLD, necklace $12)


$7 (A Tonya exclusive)

Exclusively made by my assistant, Tonya :)  Already claimed though.  Sorry :(

$15 set (separate: necklace $13, earrings $5) SOLD

$25 set (separate: bracelet $10, earrings $5, necklace $13)


Friday, October 15, 2010

New Pieces

Ok, so I have to say I have been on an animal print frenzy for the past two months :) Here are some new jewelry pieces I made last night. Nothing groundbreaking but they were fun to make and I am now selling pieces and sets.  The bracelet with the zebra earrings is not 100% complete but will be tonight. I just wanted to post these today :) Feedback is always welcome!!!! Thanks!