Cheetah Handbag

Satin Zebra Handbag

Inside View


I Love It! Keep up the good work. I can't wait to see more.

I love the zebra print and so does my middle daughter. You think you have time to design me a zebra print with pink inside. like the shoulder/saddle bag style, like the teens are carrying now? Maybe i thicker material than satin! I would be interested, let me know your idea on this! Love the work...im so proud of you

Trina, I can definitely do that for you! I saw some pink and zebra print material last week if you think you would be interested in that. Otherwise I can do the black and white zebra print and pink on the inside of the bag. We'll talk soon!

Hello Sweet! I'm loving the ingenuity and creativity your work is demonstrating! Keep pressing toward the mark and keep focused on the One Who gives creative ideas! You are certain to prosper! It's showing great promise.
Love Mom

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