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Friday, November 15, 2013

Designer's Choice Fashion Preview

Little divas on the runway.
I supported Korto Momlolu and Theresa Timmons' Designer's Choice Fashion Preview  show this year at the Clearchannel Metroplex and found some shots I thought I would share.  My Publicist, Meredith Corning, and I sat on the front row, mingled in the VIP lounge and got our photo in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (thanks Helaine Williams!).  The designers were great and I had several friends showcasing this year, so it was fun to go show them some love.
Me (in an electric blue dress I designed earlier that day) and Meredith.

VIP section (where we sat).

Bobby's Studio

Me and Meredith.
All I need - me and my rolling rack.

Here's some quick pics of my team at Bobby Haws' studio in Little Rock.  Bobby has transformed his home living room into a fully functional 24/7 photography studio and it is amazing.  I think he normally shoots creative or conceptual pieces, but today was a standard fashion studio shoot.  We all had a blast and got some great images.

Tatjana Ring getting all dolled up by Paul Mitchell stylist, Lynlee Wyatt.
Bobby and Lynlee.