"Blueberry Fields"


"Player" - $12

"Bag Lady"
Set $30
Necklace $22
Earrings $12

"Ferris Wheels" - $15 each

"Watermelon Stix" - Set $30
Necklace $22

Earrings $15

"Ice Storm" - Set $28
Necklace $18
Earrings $14

"Disco" - Set $25
Necklace $18
Earrings $10

"Heart of a Woman" - Set $28
Necklace $18
Earrings $12

"Cyan Sea" - $12

Earring Extravaganza

"Aubergine Diva" - Set $30
Necklace $22
Earrings $12

"Black Dahlia" - $12

"Fade 2 Black" - Set $30
Necklace $22
Earrings $12

"Incognito" - $22

"Two Close Friends" - Set $20
Necklace $15
Earrings $7

"Sweet Envy" - $22

"Fragile"Set $48
Necklace $25
Bracelet $15
Earrings $13

"Pretty in Pink" - Set $40
Necklace $18
Bracelet $13
Earrings $12

"Mardi Gras" - Set $25
Necklace $17
Earrings $13

"Houndstooth Chic" - Set $48
Necklace $25

Bracelet $13
Earrings $13

"Swarovski Crystal Flower Ring" - $15

"Best of Both Worlds" - $25

"Glamour and Glitz" - $30

"Fit for a Queen" - $35

"Baby Blues" - $15

"Floating" - $12

"Going in Circles" - $12

"Hope & Prosperity" - $20

"Animalistic" - $10

Jeweled Clamp bracelet

Pearls accented with black (Exclusive by Tonya)

Beautiful blues

Silver accented with black ribbon

Green with Envy

Charcoal grey accented with silver

Navy blue pearl accented

Black and pearl (Exclusive by Tonya)

Pink and black (Exclusive by Tonya)

Aubergine and pearl

RED...enough said!

Black and yellow (Exclusive by Tonya)
Jeweled bracelet with ribbon accent

Silver pearls and earrings
A gift for my mother :)

Natural tones (a gift for my sister, Rasolyn)
Elegant Silver
Browns and Golds

Silver hand-beaded necklace with black teardrop pendant, bracelet and earrings (personal set)

Going Green (This was a gift for a friend)

Turquoise and crystal (Gift for Tonya, my jewelry design assistant)
Charcoal grey circular pieces without the inner silver accents
Pink for Hope (a gift for my sister, Rasolyn)


oohhh I like your jewelry. I LOVE the green set!


My mom dabbles in making jewlery too! I love some of your stuff especially the silver circle put together! So cool!


Big Up! These are such creative pieces! I design and make jewellery too.

You do have such a great eye for design. Another great jewelry making blog to check out is if you haven't checked her out already. :D

Your pieces are very nice and pretty! BTW, thanks for the comment on my blog!

so very cute!!!!!! I love the 3rd from the bottom.. LOVE IT!!

Wow, such talent. I like the silver rings with the toggle clasp. And I so enjoyed the rich green (emerald like) hue of the green set. And set 4 from the top rocks, I can invasion this classic piece complementing my wardrobe.

Rhonda aka @JusticeSpeaks (Twitter)

Hey Sheila! I love the site. I am so proud of you! What beautiful jewelry. I definitely need to get you up here to Indy so we can talk about my wedding and jewelry needs for the big day!

Love ya,

I just love the ice storm set, animalistic, and two close frieds. All are gorgeous though.

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