Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Design of the Day - "Fragile"

This set is one made of glass beads and organza ribbon which is why I named it "Fragile".  Of course, it's still wearable so no need to worry there :)  The set goes for $48.  Individual pricing is located below the picture.

Necklace $25  Earrings $13  Bracelet $15


oohhhhhh You've been busy!!!! I love the sparkles!!!

I got to see these pieces up close and they are the cat's pajamas!!!!!!

This stuff is FIERCE! I love your jewelry SheShe!

You are on fire!! God bless your business. You certainly have a great eye for design because each piece you make is seriously appealing! :D

I agree with are on fire!! How do you do it all? Gorgeous!

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