Friday, October 15, 2010

New Pieces

Ok, so I have to say I have been on an animal print frenzy for the past two months :) Here are some new jewelry pieces I made last night. Nothing groundbreaking but they were fun to make and I am now selling pieces and sets.  The bracelet with the zebra earrings is not 100% complete but will be tonight. I just wanted to post these today :) Feedback is always welcome!!!! Thanks!



Girl, you already know how I feel about this jewelry :) But ill say it again. These are hot! I love them!!!


Those are great!! They would go with a lot of things and jazz up a lot of outfits!

Do you know you have word verification on (a lot of people don't realize they do)? You can always have comment approval if you're worried about spam (that's what I do).

Thanks, Heather! I think I got that changed.

Hi Sheila,
Sorry I've been away from blogs for so long, I'm glad to be back now :D

This animal print jewelry set is hot! I'm in love with animal print now too! Wishing you much success with sales, I'm sure they are going to go quickly.

Love the blue and green sets! You're awesome. :)

Somebody has been really busy and productively so!!! I love these pieces. Do me a favor. Email me at work. We got new computers and all saved email addresses are now gone! Love you.

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