Friday, August 6, 2010

Something New!!!

Hello, lovlies!  This week has been a busy one!  I wanted to make sure I got one post in this week to give you all a status on how things are going in the world of N’cholé Féroce.  I'm excited to say that I have begun designing a line of handbags as well.  Shoes won't be far behind.  I'm the type of person who likes to see the whole picture when it comes to a sharp looking design.  I don't like to leave out one single detail.  Since I am such a fashion nut why not explore all facets??  Of course, each line will be launched at different times to ensure each gets its fair share of exposure.  I'm just so excited about this I had to share.  Like I always say, stay fashionable and keep your diva edgy!


Hi Sheila..

first time on your blog..

hope would be seeing good style handbags here:)

Sounds exciting! I hope it goes well and wish you much success, I like handbags too!

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