Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Zebra (Reworked)

I have missed you all these past couple of weeks.  It's been really busy around here, let me tell ya!  It's been so much fun though.

I decided to rework the zebra print handbag and came up with this.  I like it much better as it looks more polished and uniform but still fun. 

And the inside view.

This is the prototype and I'm actually carrying it today to see what feedback I may glean.  I already see the things I would like to do differently to make it even better once I begin selling these.  I'm also open to all (good, bad, ugly) feedback here as well.

Stay tuned..........................there is more to come!!!!!!


Love it! You already know how i feel about the zebra and red collaboration! Hot girl


Looks awesome.... Very stylish!

Hot! Hot! Hot!
Very nice crafting as well, it looks very very perfessionally made.

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