Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Design of the Day - "Winter Wonderland Capelet"

Today marks the first piece of my apparel to ever be posted.  In my opinion, there is nothing better than beautiful winter white outwear.  This cape is made of a soft fleece that washes extremely well.  I love this cape and I hope you all do too.  By the way, I made the scarf as well.  You may have noticed the scarf previously worn on the picture in the right hand column of my blog.  Its extra long style is very versatile and adds a sexy splash of elegance to the proper attire.  I look forward to your comments!


Looks very very good. Is this your 1st time making a garment like this?

Thanks for your comments, ladies.

@ Uma: yes, this is my first time making this type of garment.

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